Support for Foster and Adoptive Families

Support Buddy System

This a peer program is designed to provide support for foster and adoptive families. The Buddy System pairs newly licensed families with experienced foster or adoptive parents for not less than six months. If you would like to learn more about obtaining a buddy or about being a buddy, please email Wendy Sander, our “Buddy Coordinator” or contact her at 860.258.3400. Click here to view “Buddy Program” brochure. 

Children’s Hope Fund

The Alliance maintains a fund, 100% comprised of grants and donations, designed to build to support for foster and adoptive families and kinship care children. Over the years CAFAF has provided funds for summer camp, music lessons, dance lessons and a variety of other activities.
Fund Guidelines and Access Information | View here 

Area Support Liaisons

The Liaisons are available to provide help and support for foster and adoptive families with any questions or problems they may have regarding foster, adoptive or kinship caregiver issues.
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Support Groups

CAFAF maintains a list of groups which provide support for foster and adoptive families across the state. These groups include support foster parents, children and families, adoptive children and parents and families, relative kinship, grandparents and other relatives. Support groups also include adoptive book clubs, complex medical needs, foster care alumni and core. Please note that we cannot control the accuracy of information regarding the groups submitted by others. Please confirm dates, times, and locations with the contact person listed. Support Group List

Twenty-four Hour Helpline

The Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call if you have a question or need to talk to someone who understands. We can provide information, help clarify an issue or just lend a sympathetic ear. The call is toll free and confidential. Call 1.888.223.2780

Open Adoption Support Services

Pre-adoptive families considering open adoptions of children in DCF custody can obtain an attorney through CAFAF at no cost. The attorney will help explain the open adoption process and provide information for informed decision making.

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