Helpful Information About Kinship and Relative Home Resources

2-1-1 Connecticut A Parent’s Guide to Surviving The Teenage Years

Adolescents In Care Bill Of Rights And Expectations

Adolescents In Care Bill Of Rights And Expectations (Spanish)

Adolescent Needs Prior to Transitioning from Care

Benadryl Alert – English

Benadryl Alert – Spanish

CAFAP 24 Hour Helpline 1.888.CAFAP80 or 1.888.223.2780

CAFAF Area Liaisons

CAFAF Children’s Hope Fund

Children’s Contact With Their Parents 

Commissioner’s Kinship Recognition Letter Sept 2016

Comparison chart for adoption

Connecticut Care 4 Kids

DCF Careline 1-800-842-2288

DCF Regional Contact Information

DCF Siblings Connection Program

Disruptions In Close Relationships: How They Affect A Child’s Behavior, Thoughts, And Feelings 

Does Your Child Qualify for a Surrogate Parent (Special Education Student) 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)



Foster and Kinship Parent Bill of Rights

Foster Parents and Juvenile Court 

Generations United 

Girls Services 

GrandFacts (AARP) Resources 

Health Related 

How To Discipline Your Child 


Husky Health Provider Network  

Kids Mental Health 

Kinship and Respite Grant Program 

Kinship Caregivers And The Child Welfare System

Kinship Caregivers Services 

Kinship Families Resource Guide 

Kinship And Respite Fund Application

Leaving Your Child Home Alone 

Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce

Medications Used For Behavioral & Emotional Disorders 

Notice For Licensed Caregivers: Changes In The Medically Complex Program (English)

Notice For Licensed Caregivers: Changes In The Medically Complex Program (Spanish)

Notice to Guardians Kinship & Family Respite Grants 

Open Adoption 

Parenting After Trauma: Understanding Your Child’s Needs 

Permanency With Relatives and Kin

Practice Guide: Standards And Practice Regarding The Health Care Of Children In DCF’s Care

Preliminary Summary of Foster Home Quality & Satisfaction Survey

Probate Court Locations and Contacts

Probate Court Rules of Procedure 

Probate Court Social Services Program (Guardian Funds)

Probate Court User Guide – Guardianships of Minors

Probate Court User Guide – Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions

Programs That Help People In Connecticut 

Public Health Alert: Youth Suicide

Relationship Expectations: Now And In The Future 


Sharing Family Strengths Activity Booklet 

Sibling Bill of Rights

Sibling Bill Of Rights (Spanish)

Special Needs Adoption (English) 

Special Needs Adoption (Spanish) 

Statewide Legal Services (Legal Aid) 

Strengths-Based Words

Support Groups 

Tips For Helping Children And Teens Before And After Visitation 

Training and Preparation for Caregiving of Older Foster Youth: Perspectives of Foster Parents

True Colors: a Connecticut Non-Profit Organization That Works Directly With Youth To Ensure That The Needs Of Sexual And Gender Minority Youth Are Both Recognized And Competently Met 

Understanding Children’s Behaviors 

Understanding Children’s Development 

Understanding Child Welfare and the Courts

Virtual Academy

What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child 

Youth Suicide Prevention 

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