Was this summer short?  Kids are back in school or learning remotely and some are being home-schooled. It seems like the summer flew by. As we “go to press” here is the status of CAFAF happenings: 

CPR classes have resumed live and in-person.  Very few other post-licensing modules are in-person, but we are thrilled to report that people are taking our modules via Zoom and we have expanded our on-line-only modules to 6 with another planned for filming this fall. Please visit our Post-Licensing Training page to see our updated offerings.

We are stepping our toes in the water and planning an in-person one day symposium for October.  We limited space to only 75 as we want to be sure we can manage it well.  We will report back in the Winter issue.  The focus of the symposium is supporting relative caregivers who agree to foster the children of family members.  Relative caregivers have some of the same needs as non-relative foster parents, but they also need support in other ways.

We are thrilled to report that we are still planning a full two-day annual conference at the Mystic Marriott on May 6 – 7, 2022.  More info to come and please save the dates.

CAFAF staff and our families statewide are continuing to assist DCF with some major initiatives.  Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is a refocus of child welfare to return to making the child the center of any interventions and it expects that all adults involved will bring all attention to what works best for the child.  This includes biological family members, social workers, foster and adoptive family members, judges, attorneys, therapists, teachers, and mentors.  QPI is moving out across the state of Connecticut.  We are also assisting DCF in the planning and development of the Kinship Navigator Program with a special focus on relatives navigating the child welfare system as well as so many other areas of support (financial, legal, educational, etc.).

CAFAF also continues to receive donated items from both national retailers, regional businesses, community groups and individuals and then safely delivers requested items to families.  We also periodically open our donation center in Rocky Hill to families. Please let us know if you need anything.

SAVE THE DATE: CAFAF’s Return of Avenue of Dreams!!! March 19, 2022!

For more CAFAF CT news and updates, download the full Communique Fall 2021 newsletter in English and Español. Enjoy the fall foliage!

Margaret Doherty
Executive Director