Foster Parent Study

Dear Foster Parent,

You are invited to participate in the Growth, Stress, and Resilience Study. This study focuses on foster parent perspectives of the positives and negatives that come from being a foster parent. The survey is available online and can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

To access the survey, please logon to:

This website includes the survey and a summary explanation form, which lists your rights as a survey participant.

Please consider participating. It is only through the participation of foster parents that the foster parent experience can be better understood and supported.

If you have any questions about participating, please feel free to contact me by mail (Julie Steen, University of Central Florida, School of Social Work, 12805 Pegasus Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32816), email (, or phone (407-823-6452).



Julie A. Steen, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor
University of Central Florida
School of Social Work

This study has been approved by the UCF Institutional Review Board (IRB), which be contacted with any research-related concerns at (407) 823-2901 or