Dedicated CAFAF Employees Sort & Distribute Donated Products

The nonprofit, Connecticut Alliance of Foster & Adoptive Families is proud to acknowledge its independent arrangement with Amazon Donations. The retail giant initially donated items for CAFAF’s annual prom event, Avenue of Dreams. They have since made bi-weekly product donations totaling $43,000.

CAFAF staff work with an Amazon donation specialist to arrange pickups at the Windsor distribution facility. They receive products ranging from disposable diapers to electronics. They then sort the items and deliver donations to Connecticut foster families.

The Connecticut Alliance of Foster & Adoptive Families wishes to thank Amazon for their generous donations. They also want to recognize the valuable support provided by CAFAF employees. The team of dedicated professionals provides services that improve and enhance the lives of Connecticut foster and adoptive families. They were instrumental in establishing a relationship with Amazon that allows CAFAF to deliver donations to foster families.

CAFFAF employees provide support, training, advocacy, recruitment, and retention (STARR) services. Their efforts to deliver donations to foster families go above and beyond their job descriptions. Amazon’s generous donations have assisted them in keeping their commitments.

Once a year CAFFAF hosts the Avenue of Dreams. They invite foster and adoptive youth ages 13 to 19 to fulfill their prom fantasies. The agency sets up a showroom with a vast display of prom dresses, tuxedos, shoes, and accessories. Each youth selects an outfit and receives a makeover whether they plan to attend prom or not.

Young women choose a prom dress and accessories. Volunteers style their hair and do their makeup. Young men select a tuxedo, shirt, accessories, and shoes and a barber cuts their hair.

A professional photographer captures each child’s prom look. Participants walk a red carpet and show off their outfits in a fashion show. They also have an opportunity to engage in motivational workshops and enjoy a meal.

The Connecticut Alliance of Foster & Adoptive Families appreciates donations from generous companies like Amazon. They extend an offer to any company, organization, or individual to provide cash or in-kind donations. They also welcome gently used prom dresses, accessories, and young men’s tuxedos.

CAFFAF delivers donated items to foster families. They use donated funds to provide educational programs and special events. Your donations will help make programs like Avenue of Dreams a continuing success.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Catherine Davis at