Fall 2022
I hope that you each had a wonderful summer and were able to play
outside and enjoy the warm weather. Our families had fun attending games at
the Hartford Yard Goats, attending free New Haven Symphony performances,
obtaining Brownstone Adventure Park tickets, and more.
Over the summer, we were able to add to our post-licensing training offerings.
We now have 56 modules for families to choose from! That is quite an
expansion of trainings from the original modules 1 -10 that were part of the
Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) post-PRIDE training program!
We continue to support the Quality Parenting Initiative (“QPI”) that DCF is
integrating into its work with foster families. QPI is a refocus of child welfare
to return to making the child the center of any interventions and expects that
all adults involved will bring attention to what works best for the child. Please
check out Modules 48 and 57 which are components of QPI. Please check out our ever-increasing training offerings using the link below!

Post-Licensing Training

We are currently planning our next online module which will focus
on the following legal & judicial areas: the court process from the 96 hour
hold and Order of Temporary Custody (OTC) through adoption; the role of
the children’s attorney; Open Adoption contracts; and, recent legal decisions
around visitation by biological parents. We plan to video graph this training
in late October and we should have more information in the Winter newsletter.
Stay tuned! A reminder that DCF counts modules (not hours) of
post-licensing training and the requirement is 6 modules per year.
Also, please save the date for our next Avenue of Dreams event on Saturday
March 11, 2023. We will be returning to Rentschler Field’s stadium in East
Hartford. Please help us recruit for volunteer hair stylists, barbers,
photographers, seamstresses and Fairly Glam-Mothers and Shining Knights!
Please contact Krystal Hernandez at krystal.hernandez@cafafct.org or (860)

Enjoy the autumn weather and stay safe!

Margaret Doherty
Executive Director